One of the main reasons why many healthcare practitioners are cautious and suspicious about marketing is because of the fact that there is the whole disconnect between the two. Marketing involves promising something to the general public and it is up to the healthcare professional to make good on that promise, but in the world of healthcare this can be dangerous since patients hold their doctors to a very high standard. If those standards are not met, then it can prove troublesome for both the physician and the practice itself, but there are ways to market a practice while keeping the expectations of potential patients realistic and not over-promising anything.

Know the Market

Don’t just create a marketing strategy that focuses on the entire market. Instead put a focus on key groups that will allow the practice to target a market and keep expectations in line for each targeted group. The best way to achieve this goal is to actually ask some of the existing patients of the practice what they experience with the services. This way the practice can accurately describe what future patients may experience when dealing with it.

Use the Placebo Effect and Proper Wording

Use every facet of the practice to its advantage. Don’t simply ignore that the practice usually involves long wait times, but instead put an emphasis on how much time the practice spends with individual patients and getting to know them. This may make the practice seem bad about meeting appointments, but it will also help patients realize that they will be treated with much more care when they are under the care of that particular practice.

Market the Staff

Keep the staff informed of what the practice is trying to market. With this knowledge, the staff within the practice will work hard to make sure that the patients are getting the experience they were expecting. Bringing the staff in on things will help improve the overall quality of the practice and the effectiveness of marketing.

Always Use the Facts

Use solid numbers and statistics to get the message across to patients. This is an effective marketing technique that will help the patience realize the quality of the service and helps them create expectations that are more realistic. Sticking to the facts is an effective way to talk to patients directly and let them know what kind of experience they may have.